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Sustainable in Seattle

”Big glass and heavy-duty hardware help vertical apartments stay strong.“

Seattle-based design and building team Sustainable Living Innovations (SLI) wanted to build a vertical composite of residences featuring floor-to-ceiling glass in half the typical time, thus using half the energy and water resources and subsequently cutting down on construction costs.
The challenge: Do that in a city that experiences an average of 152 rainy days every year without sacrificing performance and durability in materials.
Sustainable in Seattle
Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors open onto outdoor decks in the apartments.
So, architects Arlan Collins and Mark Woerman of Seattle architecture firm CollinsWoerman, the founders of SLI, turned to the heavy-duty hardware of Western Window Systems’ Series 600 Multi-Slide Door and Series 900 Hinged Door.
Sustainable in Seattle
Interior multi-slide doors greatly expand the indoor living space.
The building, which is named after its address in Seattle’s bustling University District, features 24 units across six floors. The apartments have substantial outdoor decks, connected to the living spaces via giant Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors, which feature narrow 2.55” sightlines at interlocks, multiple sill height options, and premium hardware and roller options.
The 47+7 building also uses the Series 900 Hinged Door, which also offers multiple sill height and premium hardware options, plus large panel sizes.
Sustainable in Seattle
The building also includes Series 900 Hinged Doors with an operable awnings.
Western Window Systems’ vice president of custom sales, Andrew Darr, says the fit between Western Window Systems and SLI was perfect.
"Emphasis on design was a big part of this unique project," Darr says. "We were able to help them standardize openings and keep the project on budget. It was great to accomplish what they were after."