Manager of the Quarter – October 2019

Manager of the Quarter – October 2019
Oct 10, 2019

Jason Wengert

The Special Western Action Team (SWAT) works wherever needed in the shop, making them a vital part of production. They’re among the most dedicated and knowledgeable members of the Western Window Systems team, so it’s important to have someone exceptional at the helm.

SWAT and door panels manager Jason Wengert is more than just a manager – he’s a leader. Managers have people who work for them because they’re in a position of authority; leaders have people who follow them because they set a good example. That’s the kind of person Wengert is, says Cipriano Velarde, production manager.

“One of the most important things is the relationship he has with his team,” Velarde says. “What I see from Jason is that he cares about his team. That’s very important— to truly care about your people, not just pretend.”

Wengert started his career with Western Window Systems in 1998, when he was 19. He worked at the saw, in multi-slide assembly, then in panels, casements, and hoppers. He even spent some time with the installation team. He left for a few years to work in the HVAC industry, but came back to Western Window Systems in 2014. “I missed the environment, people, and culture,” Wengert says.

Velarde credits Wengert with demonstrating a strong work ethic and showing new team members the true spirit of dedication. “Day in and day out, he gives 110 percent,” Velarde says. “When I look around production, I see a lot of potential, and this is one person who sets an example to follow.”

Congratulations, Jason Wengert, on being Western Window Systems’ manager of the quarter for October!