WWS Team Member Feels the Need for Speed with Unusual Hobby

WWS Team Member Feels the Need for Speed with Unusual Hobby
Nov 20, 2018

Western Window Systems has a new champion of an unconventional pastime – racing remote control cars – in our midst.

Creative director Jeff Kesar and his WWS-sponsored Losi 5T 1/5 scale 4wd racing truck was the big winner November 17-18 in the 4wd Sportsman Class at the Monstercross 2018 event at Fear Farm Sports Complex in west Phoenix.

Kesar, who began building and racing remote control vehicles as a teenager, was the top qualifier in his class after three qualifying races on November 17. In the first of Sunday’s two main events, Kesar’s car lapped the field in what he called “a perfect race.”

In the second main event, Kesar experienced some trouble on the track and found himself having to play catch-up. A mishap in the first corner, and later a rock on the track getting caught in the steering, caused the racer, which weighs 40 pounds and can hit speeds up to 50 mph, to smash into a hay bale along the edge of the track. After dislodging the car, Kesar furiously chased the leader but came up a little short, having to settle for second place.

“It was a very intense race,” he says. “My girlfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs along with my friends. It was very exciting.”

Kesar had only recently re-ignited his passion for racing remote-control cars in the past year.

“I got back into it with the intention of just racing for fun,” he says. “I went into this event with no expectations, so it was a very nice surprise to pull it off.”

Next up for Kesar after his first race in years? Potentially more sponsors for his racer and another championship in a series starting in March that covers six tracks throughout Arizona and California.

“It is an expensive hobby,” he says. “But these gas-powered rockets are just so fun to drive.”